Monday, July 21, 2008

NOT the finish ...

... but just a mile completed in our players' marathon.

The 12U Bandits completed their 2008 season in tremendous fashion last weekend in the Cincinnati World Series. They entered the Championship Bracket undefeated (3-0) and barely missed moving onto the Championship game in a loss to a Goliath-sized team.

That seemed representative of their whole season in that, although they didn't always match up to the best of the best, they made great strides over where the team has been in years past.

I'm sorry to use this phrase again, but remember - it's a marathon, not a sprint. And no college recruiter ever asks or looks at a player's resume to see how their 12-year old team did.

Players - trust me, you are at the head of your age group regarding your baseball playing knowledge and ability. And for that, your coaches and parents are so very proud!

Stay in "the race," and we will see you at next month's 13U Bandits tryouts.


lbanton said...

GREAT STRIDES. That's the kind of progress we appreciate, and the Bandits certainly have shown that this year. Your Blog is one of my favorites, Steve. It's entertaining and informational. The season may be over, but we hope you'll keep us informed in the months ahead.


Greg in Buck Creek said...

Hey Steve,

The Bendits symbolize America's Favorite Pastime. They have played their hearts out while we enjoyed every game, sometimes in secondhand reports because we couldn't be there. And your BLOG is terrific! Keep it up.