Monday, April 21, 2008

Now hiring ?!

The Bandit Yard Spring Swing Tournament this past weekend was loaded with 11U and 14U teams! As the famous Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Carey used to say, "Holy Cow!"

Frequently, there was no place to park. I think we should start looking for a parking valet service to hire!

Anyway, congratulations to the 11U winners, the Indiana Saints who beat the Lakota Diamond Dawgs by 8 runs. The 14U championship score was Indiana Prospects 12, the Majic City Orioles 5.
Thanx to all who came and supported the teams in the Tournament!

See you at the Bandit Yard's next tournament, the Bandit Classic (May 2 - 4) !

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hard work pays off

We all know how much and how hard we've been working to be ready for the season to begin. And now that it has begun, the rewards are already showing.
The Indiana Bandit 13U team won the Bandit Blast Tournament this past weekend and the Hoosier Early Bird Tournament at the end of last month, both in their age division.
And our other teams are starting off the regular season in winning fashion - just visit the Bandit Yard and see for yourself!
You want specifics? Tell us about your team and your players right here in this blog forum.
Hope to see you playing hard and having fun!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hoosier Early Bird Tournament Results

Apologies for not posting results sooner - maybe it took this long to dry out and thaw out!
All the Bandit teams did very well. Extra congratulations go to the 14U team for making it to the semi-final game and to the 13U team for winning their age group!
Here's comments from a couple of coaches:
"I just wanted to let you all know how well things seemed to go this past weekend and how much I appreciate your teams and parents efforts. The fields looked good and you were all able to fight through the weather and get the tournament in. Though we did not have the number of teams we would have liked to for the tournament, I think that all who came and participated are appreciative of your efforts and loved being able to play baseball. Congratulations to all the teams. In my attendance on Sunday and watching some of our teams’ games I thought you represented our club well and played good baseball. It’s early in the season and I know you all want to work out the kinks . . . it will come . . . just keep preaching the same things and the boys will come along. Thanks again and keep up the good work. You’ve set a good standard at which to follow for the rest of the season."
"We really appreciate your patience, good humor and sportsmanship given the conditions. Doing the work was no fun, but having teams like yours at the Bandit Yard is a pleasure, no matter what the weather. Good luck to everyone with your seasons."
I agree and I couldn't have said it better!