Monday, April 21, 2008

Now hiring ?!

The Bandit Yard Spring Swing Tournament this past weekend was loaded with 11U and 14U teams! As the famous Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Carey used to say, "Holy Cow!"

Frequently, there was no place to park. I think we should start looking for a parking valet service to hire!

Anyway, congratulations to the 11U winners, the Indiana Saints who beat the Lakota Diamond Dawgs by 8 runs. The 14U championship score was Indiana Prospects 12, the Majic City Orioles 5.
Thanx to all who came and supported the teams in the Tournament!

See you at the Bandit Yard's next tournament, the Bandit Classic (May 2 - 4) !

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Bob in New Palestine said...

There is a genuine sense of camaraderie among the teams and the fans that makes the experience of going to the Bandit Yard unforgettable.

Bob in New Palestine