Monday, March 17, 2008

If you see this before you get to practice tonight ...

... then you'll have a heads-up on what tonight's practice will be - straight pitching and catching workouts.

Catchers will go through their usual sequence while pitchers do their lead-in work.

When it becomes time to throw live - catchers catch and pitchers throw 20 from in front of the mound and then 20 from off the mound.

Pitchers: PLEASE STOP AND TELL THE COACHES IF YOU'RE EXPERIENCING ANY TYPE OF DISCOMFORT! We will evaluate you and (hopefully) progress from there. But there's no shame in stopping the throwing this early in the year.

We'll then finish with catchers making live throws down to second base with infielders covering the bag and taking throws. If time is left, ground balls.

See you at the Yard!

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